FGU Out South Central LGBT+

The RFR pilot project was realised in collaboration with Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride. This extensive phase saw Hannah Tiernan and Brendan Fox work with the Fatima Groups United (FGU) - Out South Central LGBT+ group based in Dublin 8. Over the course of six weeks, they coordinated a series of site visits, talks, and workshops to inform participants on local queer history and generate artistic responses. To accompany the tours and talks, RFR designed and facilitated creative workshops, enabling the participants to fully engage with and respond to these histories as well as their own expressions of identity. The workshops applied methods designed for the Games for Artists and Non-Artists programme. 

The group's artistic responses were showcased in an active exhibition in The Irish Museum of Modern Art's (IMMA) Project Space, Dublin in March - April 2022, coinciding and conversing with Chapter One of IMMA's 30th birthday celebration series, 'The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now: Queer Embodiment', and programmed as part of IMMA's contribution to 'Outing The Past Festival' 2022. The RFR exhibition in the Project Space evolved and changed over the course of its installation through workshops and interactions with the public, artists, and performers.  

The work created with FGU - Out South Central LGBT+ as part of RFR's pilot programme will tour Ireland as part of curated exhibitions and installations in different venues, acting as a catalyst for new responses and forms of artistic expression from community groups.