Amanda Nyoni - Inclusion and Integration Officer

Amanda Nyoni is a resilient woman of excellence and founder of Estar en Flor, a company that designs anytime cards from handmade paper and recycled materials. She graduated with a Bba in Accounting,holds a certificate in Community Organisation Management and  is currently pursuing a degree in Leadership and Community Development. 

She is driven by the desire to see justice and impartiality in every society , most of her time has been dedicated to  developing programs, policies, projects and initiatives aimed at empowering young adults, women and the marginalized within her community.

 On arriving in Ireland, she quickly found herself advocating for human rights and inclusion of all races in the community. She became a representative of the Movement for Asylum Seekers Ireland (MASI). She successfully organised a 'Black Lives Matter' demonstration in Tullamore , which saw both the marginalized community and the Irish community united for a common cause. She is currently a coordinator for the Migrant Minds Matter campaign.