SLEEPERTOWN is a new mobile public art programme curated by Richard Carr and features six diverse sonic artworks from the following artists: Michael Petry (Director; MOCA London) & John Powell (Oscar Nominated Film Composer), Gabi Schaffner (Artist, Berlin), Younes Baba-Ali (Artist Morocco/Belgium), Carmen Torrano Mellado (Double Bass | Georgian National Philharmonic Orchestra), Joseph Young (Artist UK), Aoise O'Dwyer (Violist Ireland), Camilo Gaete Puga (Double Bass Chilie/Ireland) and Richard Carr (Artist Ireland).

The SLEEPERTOWN programme aims to utilise art to activate spaces within 'Commuter Towns' and in turn connect 'Commuter Towns / SLEEPERTOWNS' with one another. Therefore, we aim to transport the SLEEPERTOWN project to different commuter towns, such as Tullamore, both in Ireland and abroad.  At each stop we will 'pick up / commission' an artist from each location along the way.

The project utilises mobile technologies (Geo-Fencing) to create a parallel listening world, accessed digitally within the public realm. This world coexists with our ‘real-world’ geographical landscape and encourages people to move through the town to specific spaces/places. As they move, they trigger and immerse themselves, in new public artworks via their personal mobile devices. 

Carmen Torrano Mellado -
Richard Carr -                       
Gabi Schaffner -
John Powell -
Michael Petry -                    
Joseph Young -
Younes Baba-Ali -
Aoise O'Dwyer
Camilo Gaete Puga