SLEEPERTOWN is a new mobile public art programme curated by Richard Carr and features six diverse sonic artworks from the following artists: Michael Petry (Director; MOCA London) & John Powell (Oscar Nominated Film Composer), Gabi Schaffner (Artist, Berlin), Younes Baba-Ali (Artist Morocco/Belgium), Carmen Torrano Mellado (Double Bass | Georgian National Philharmonic Orchestra), Joseph Young (Artist UK) and Richard Carr (Artist Ireland).

The SLEEPERTOWN programme aims to utilise art to activate spaces within 'Commuter Towns' and in turn connect 'Commuter Towns / SLEEPERTOWNS' with one another. Therefore, we aim to transport the SLEEPERTOWN project to different commuter towns, such as Tullamore, both in Ireland and abroad.  At each stop we will 'pick up / commission' an artist from each location along the way.

The project utilises mobile technologies (Geo-Fencing) to create a parallel listening world, accessed digitally within the public realm. This world coexists with our ‘real-world’ geographical landscape and encourages people to move through the town to specific spaces/places. As they move, they trigger and immerse themselves, in new public artworks via their personal mobile devices. 

Carmen Torrano Mellado -
Richard Carr -                       
Gabi Schaffner -
John Powell -
Michael Petry -                    
Joseph Young -
Younes Baba-Ali -