MOE Talks

MOE Talk - SLEEPERTOWN - Gabi Schaffner, Richard Carr, Joseph Young, and Brendan Fox JULY 2021

SLEEPERTOWN artists Gabi Schaffner and Joseph Young and artist and curator of SLEEPERTOWN, Richard Carr join MOE Curator Brendan Fox to discuss their new mobile art project now open in Tullamore Co.Offaly, running until until September 2021.

MOE Talk - Hannah Tiernan - Pride of Everyone Episode 4 - Sexuality* (4/4) JUNE 2021

In this final episode of the series, Hannah and her guests are discussing Sexuality*. Hannah talks to representatives from Bi+ Ireland, the Asexual/Aromantic communities and the Polyamory community - El/len Reid, Rachel Whitbeck and Jess Kavanagh. They explore some of the under-represented sexual identities that make up the queer community and the effects of erasure.

El/len Reid (they/them) - is a 3rd year PhD student in the Department of Sociology. Their PhD research explores how individuals who identify with bisexualities negotiate their sexual identities in everyday contexts in post-marriage equality Ireland. Outside of academia, they have been working on publications with Quare Media and Small Trans Library Dublin, and working with queer and trans community groups around Ireland. They are also a collage artist and zine maker, most recently editing Quaranzine in aid of MASI with artist/producer Mankyy for The Feminist Supermarket at Ormston House, Limerick.

Rachel Whitbeck (she/her) - is an Asexual and Aromantic a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Limerick. Her research focuses on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people in Ireland who also identify as belonging to a minority faith, race, or ethnicity. Outside of her research, Rachel coordinates the Gender, Culture, and Society Postgraduate Forum and the Queer Reading Group, both at UL.

Jess Kavanagh (she/her) -  is a songwriter, writer, poet and vocalist. She has been a key figure in creative communities in Ireland and abroad and a prominent fixture in the Irish music scene. Raised by an Irish-Nigerian mother, she has spoken and written extensively about women’s rights, mother and baby homes, and the invisibility of older generation mixed-race Irish. She has also written and spoken publicly about her personal experiences in support of polyamory.


MOE Talk - World Refugee Day JUNE 2021

Happy World Refugee Day! In this special talk MOE Inclusion and Integration Officer Amanda Nyoni speaks to Donnah Vuma about Refugees in Ireland and the Irish Direct Provision. World Refugee Day 2021 focuses on the power of inclusion. The shared experience of COVID-19 has shown us that we only succeed if we stand together. We have all had to do our part to keep each other safe and despite the challenges, refugees and displaced people have stepped up. Given the chance, refugees will continue to contribute to a stronger, safer and more vibrant world. Therefore the UN Refugee Agency's World Refugee Day campaign this year is calling for the greater inclusion of refugees in health systems, schools and sport. Only by working together can we recover from the pandemic. Together we heal, learn and shine.

Donnah Sibanda Vuma, originally from Zimbabwe holds a Bachelor of Arts (joint honors) in Politics and International relations with sociology from the University of Limerick. An enthusiastic public speaker, She has over 6 years of experience in the sales and marketing management sector and holds an ICM national diploma in human resources development. Donnah holds qualifications in Psychology and mental health studies. She is the founder of “Every child is your Child Ireland” (ECIYC) an organization that works to establish an ongoing school assistance fund for international protection applicants' children living in the direct provision system. She is the Co.founder of “Movement of Asylum seekers Ireland” (MASI) and sits on board of directors of several organizations Afri (, Doras and the African Chamber of Commerce She is an elected social inclusion representative of the Limerick PPN on the community and leisure and emergency services strategic policy committee of the Limerick City and County Council. She is a tireless advocate for human rights, Donnah was awarded the Soroptimists International “Clare Woman of the year 2017” for her outstanding service to human rights of refugees in Direct Provision services in Co. Clare." And most recently awarded APNI person of the year 2018



MOE Talk - Hannah Tiernan - Pride of Everyone Episode 3 - Ethnicity* (3/4) JUNE 2021

In this third episode, Hannah is joined by her guests  - Darren Collins,  Dil Wickremasinghe, and Nikki Dube for a discussion about Ethnicity*. This episode will highlight some of the challenges faced by LGBTQI+ asylum seekers within the Direct Provision system; explore prejudice and acceptance within the Traveller community; and what it means to identify as LGBTQI+ when that contravenes the teachings of your religion. 

Darren Collins (He/Him) is from Tullamore, Co.Offaly, currently living in Dublin. He is part of the traveller LGBT community and is involved with many different Traveller organisations; European Council in France, Pavee Point Dublin, Exchange House Dublin. He is currently engaged with H.O.P.E. and promoting mental health services and is working for one of Ireland’s most recognised cocktail clubs.

Dil Wickremasinghe (She/Her) is a social justice and mental health journalist and advocate. Co-Founder of Insight Matters and trainee psychotherapist and proud mother of two.

Nikki Dube (He/Him) is a medical professional who left Zimbabwe in the midst of a brewing anti-gay storm in 2018. He has since gone through the Direct Provision Service here in Ireland.

MOE Talk - Hannah Tiernan - Pride of Everyone Episode 2 - Disability* (2/4) JUNE 2021

In this weeks episode, Disability*, Hannah will talk to invited guests - Nem Kearns, Zoe McCormack and Alannah Murray representing just some of the diverse range of disabled people that make up our queer community. Through the discussion, they will consider ways that the wider community can begin to dismantle barriers disabled queer people face to being fully part of the community.

Nem Kearns (they/them) is an LGBTQIA+, reproductive rights and disability justice advocate who serves as Board Secretary for Disabled Women Ireland, Ireland’s only national Disabled Persons Organisation for women, girls, non-binary people and gender non-conforming people.
Nem also works with Autistic Adults Ireland and acts as a disability policy advisor to a range of elected officials. As a multiply disabled person and member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Nem firmly believes that intersectionality is fundamental to achieving meaningful equality and seeks to apply the maxim:
Nothing About Us, Without Us in all their work.

Zoe McCormack (she/her) is a lesbian neurodivergent and Mad activist who has experienced the trauma of psychiatric inpatient admissions. She creates art depicting the lack of care within our mental health system. She also founded The Autistic Art Club which is a collective social space for autistic adults to create art and socialise in a safe space away from neurotypical social norms.

Alannah Murray (they/them)
Alannah Murray, Lana to her friends, is a disabled LGBTQ+ advocate. Focusing particularly on accessibility and inclusion, their work also features themes around dating, sexuality and taboo around disability in the queer community. They were nominated for the LGBTQ+ Young Trailblazer award and is an alum of the Washington Ireland Program


MOE Talk - Hannah Tiernan - Pride of Everyone Episode 1 - Trans* (1/4) JUNE 2021

We are so excited to launch this new series of MOE Talks - Pride of Everyone - a conversation series with Hannah Tiernan which aims to give voice to the minority groups within Ireland’s Queer community.

In this weeks episode, Trans*, Hannah will talk to invited guests from the trans and non-binary communities and from Intersex Ireland - Cearbhall Turraoin, Olive Wilson and Noah Halpin. They will explain the divergence within trans and non-binary identities as well as what it means to have an Intersex Condition and why that differs from trans identities. They will also explore issues affecting each of the communities, such as healthcare, understanding and acceptance.

Cearbhall Turraoin is Vice-Chair of TENI, the Transgender Equality Network Ireland, having served on the TENI board since 2016. Previously they campaigned for gender recognition and marriage equality as an organiser with LGBT Noise, as well as being a founding member of the Irish Trans Support Alliance and coordinator of Trans Training 2012. They have also served on the board of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland since 2016. Cearbhall identifies as non-binary and as a history and politics nerd.
Olive Wilson is a lesbian with an intersex condition. She is a founding member and committee member of Intersex Ireland. Founded in 2018, Intersex Ireland is the only face-to-face group for Intersex people in Ireland. Olive also volunteers with Switchboard - LGBTQIA Support and Resource. Switchboard dedicates its services to Trans, Intersex and Non-binary people on Fridays. 
Noah Halpin is a trans man from Dublin. He is currently the Community Aid Officer with TENI (Trans Equality Network Ireland). He is the founder member of the This Is Me campaign for trans healthcare and is a member of ACT UP Dublin.



MOE Talk - Nicky Gogan & Brendan Fox (2/3) MAY 2021

MOE Talks - In Conversation with award-winning Director / Filmmaker Nicky Gogan. This is a 3 part series where MOE curator Brendan Fox talks to Nicky about her trilogy of documentaries. In this episode they will discuss her 2011 documentary Build Something Modern, directed by Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley.


You can watch the film on, who have kindly given us a promocode for you to watch the film for free. The code is BUILD2021 which you can enter at checkout when selecting the film. Please note that viewers will be required to set up an account with , with no charges or requirement of card details. Here is the link to the film page-!/browse/film/1... Code expires on June 6th at 00.00am.

Build Something Modern tells the story of a lost canon of Irish architecture. The film reveals the surprising and untold history about the adventurous architects who began their career in Africa and went on to become some of Ireland's most significant architectural figureheads. Between the 1950s and 1970s, young architects traveled to Africa for creative freedom during an era of relative cultural conservatism at home, while others designed buildings from Ireland that they themselves would never see in their completed form in Africa. 

The film travels back to the 1950s, to a still largely colonial Africa where the Irish missionary movement was at its height and traces the story of the buildings through the devastating impact of wars that destroyed many of the structures right through to the present day. Reworking stunning imagery from both the personal archives of the architects and recruitment films made by the missionary orders, the film encompasses Still Films unique visual and storytelling style.


MOE Talk - Nicky Gogan & Brendan Fox (1/3) MAY 2021
MOE in Conversation with award-winning filmmaker Nicky Gogan. This is a 3 part series where MOE curator talks to Nicky about her trilogy of documentaries starting with Seaview, a 2007 documentary film directed by Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley. The film chronicles the lives of a group of asylum seekers living in the former Butlin's Holiday Camp at Mosney, Ireland. 


Watch the full documentary below.


MOE Talk - Tobi Omoseto & Amanda Nyoni APRIL 2021
Tobi Omoseto (Dancer) discusses his practice and his current workshops with Amanda Nyoni (MOE & MASI) Tobi is an internationally acclaimed B-Boy (Breakdancer) and Hip Hop Dancer. Since February, Tobi has been facilitating workshops with Donlon Dance Company in Tullamore as part of MOE 2021.


MOE Talk - Rand Abdul Jabbar & Basil Al-Rawi MARCH 2021
Artists Rand Abdul Jabbar & Basil Al-Rawi present & discuss their practice with MOE curator Brendan Fox. From personal narratives, western media misrepresentations to developing work through collaborations.


MOE Women's Day MARCH 2021
This is a special MOE Talk to celebrate International Women's Day. Amanda Nyoni (MOE & MASI) talks to Avril Corroon (Visual Artist), Kerry Guinan (Visual Artist & Curator) and Aoise O'Dwyer, (Violist, Activist & Educator). They discuss their fascinating practices, the reality of being an artist, the obstacles they have faced as female artists and carving out a career path through solidarity.



Clara Rose Thornton FEBRUARY 2021 
Amanda Nyoni speaks to writer and activist Clara Rose Thornton about Douglass Week, a week of events around Ireland that commemorate Frederick Douglass’s journey and visit to Ireland in the 19th century.


Vukašin Nedeljković FEBRUARY 2021 
In the first of our MOE Talks, Amanda Nyoni speaks to artist Vukašin Nedeljković about his ongoing project Asylum Archive and his upcoming photography workshops with the Direct Provision Centre in Tullamore as part of MOE 2021.