IMMA Residency



Irish Museum of Modern Art

23rd March - 13th April 2022

REWIND<<FASTFORWARD>>RECORD (RFR) is delighted to announce the launch of their exhibition and public events programme at IMMA: The Irish Museum of Modern Art on the occasion of the exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-and-Now: Queer Embodiment, and coinciding with the OUTing the Past Festival 2022, the festival of LGBTQ+ history.

This changing exhibition will evolve over a three-week period through a series of public talks, workshops, and performances in response to the exhibition The Narrow Gate of the Here-And-Now: Queer Embodiment, to coincide with the OUTing The Past Festival 2022. The exhibition will showcase some of the work created with Fatima Groups United (Out South-Central LGBTQ+ group) as the exhibition evolves further through our workshops and interactions with the public, artists, and performers.

By better understanding our past, we can ensure a more visible and equal future

REWIND << FASTFORWARD >> RECORD is an initiative by Hannah Tiernan, researcher, writer and visual artist based in Dublin; Brendan Fox, independent curator, artist, writer and founder of the Museum of Everyone (MOE). Presented in collaboration with IMMA, RFR is supported by Dublin LGBTQ+ Pride and the Arts Council of Ireland.



Exhibition Launch and Reception

Wednesday, 23rd March, 6-8 pm 

The REWIND<<FASTFORWARD>>RECORD project will launch with a short performance by artist Stefan Fae on the Amanda Coogan Stage in the Main Gallery, followed by a drinks reception and exhibition viewing in the IMMA Project Space.


Lunchtime Talk: Introduction to REWIND<<FASTFORWARD>>RECORD

Diana Bamimeke, Brendan Fox, and Hannah Tiernan

Friday, 25th March, 1-2 pm

In conversation with curator and writer Diana Bamimeke, Brendan Fox, and Hannah Tiernan,  coordinators of the REWIND<<FASTFORWARD>>RECORD initiative, will explore some of the rationales and methodologies behind the project. Bamimeke will discuss their current research “critico-production”, a framework through which artists working across different mediums and disciplines are invited to consider the role of criticism and response in their respective fields.


OUTing the Past Ireland 2022 at IMMA

Wed 30 March, 6.00pm

This session presents a range of responses to the subject of ‘Outing the Past’. Our guests look at the troubled histories of LGBTQ+ people spanning turbulent periods in Irish history that saw a concerted campaign to police and repress same-sex desire, resulting in hundreds of gay men being incarcerated for homosexual offences and same-sex desires. From past to present, our guests address the legacy and reparation of these laws on the lives of LGBTQ+ people, offering reflections from both a personal and a visual art perspective.

This event includes a lecture and a panel discussion as follows:

Lecture: Kiernan Rose, LGBTQ+ activist and campaigner, discusses his research as an active member of the Department of Justice Working Group for the State to disregard criminal convictions before gay law reform in 1993. Rose shares new archival research and draws attention to the experiences of those impacted as well as the many that emigrated. In doing so, Rose calls for the greater need to commemorate those who resisted some of the most inhospitable decades of the last century in Ireland.

In Conversation: Aoife Banks, Alan Phelan, and Brian Crowley explore queer history through artistic practice, this discussion will explore historical themes from LGBTQ+ history and how they have been explored and translated through artistic practices.

Watch the talks here


Curator’s Tour: Queer Embodiment

Seán Kissane

Saturday, 2nd April, 11 am -12 pm

Curator Seán Kissane will conduct a guided tour of the first chapter of THE NARROW GATE OF THE HERE-AND-NOW: QUEER EMBODIMENT exhibition. This tour will be followed by a closed workshop, responding to the exhibition.



Stefan Fae (Stephen Quinn)

Stefan Fae is a theatre and performance maker, based in Dublin. His work explores Irish queer identity through a kaleidoscope of drag, burlesque, physical theatre, and alternative cabaret.


Diana Bamimeke 

Diana Bamimeke is an independent curator and writer from Dublin. Currently, their practice interest lies in the curation and facilitation of socially-engaged art, with a special focus on criticality and public & community engagements (activism, workshops). Collaboration is key to their curatorial work.


Alan Phelan

Alan Phelan is a multidisciplinary visual artist and researcher whose practice often unearths queer histories and presents previously hidden narratives in contemporary contexts.


Brian Crowley

Brian Crowley is the Collections Curator for two OPW-run museums, Kilmainham Gaol Museum and the Pearse Museum. He is the former chair of the Irish Museums Association and the author of Patrick Pearse, A Life in Pictures.  Most recently his article, ‘Queering Kilmainham: uncovering LGBTQIA+ stories in a national shrine’ was published in the 2020 edition of Studia Hibernica.